Coffee on the go

Grab a great tasting cup of coffee not a run-of-the mill brew

Meet the new vending

Coffee Address



We carry a wide selection of vending machines from the best manufactures around the world, whatever your needs are.

ATLAS by Coffee Address


by Coffee Address

Our range of state-of-art vending machines with fresh milk that are the best on the market.

Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner

Our unique self-service experience offers premium fresh milk coffees.

Vending for snacks

Vending for


We provide vending solutions for sweet and salty snacks.

Cashless payments

We offer credit card and mobile payment solutions via PayPal and Monyx in selected vending machines throughout Baltics and are rolling out cashless payment solutions to 100% of our operated vending machines.

Solution for every need

Whatever sector you are in we have a solution for you.

  • Airports & public transportation
  • Logistics
  • Service sector
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Petrol stations
  • Schools & universities


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