Our Story

Coffee in Ethiopia is more than a beverage, it’s a story hub and we don’t take our cups on the run. We sit in circles, making the women brewing the coffee our center. Everyone gathers around from roasting to drinking the 3rd cup.

In recent years this trend of our coffee ceremony has come out on the streets. Now many women in Addis and cities of Ethiopia make a livelihood out of selling coffee by setting up the whole ceremony in corners. By taking the ceremonies outside, they also have taken the gathering of people to the streets. This has enabled strangers to share a ‘weg’ around the coffee. Weg for Ethiopians is a conversation among a group of people. It’s a very deep conversation with sets of agenda and it usually takes place around coffee.

Weg coffee is here to pay tribute to those women who make it possible for us to seat In corners and do more than mingling by siping a well brewed coffee. We believe every women who is bringing the people together has her own story to tell and we need to while a light to that. it’s our responsibility to give them a boost. Weg coffee sets aside 10% of our sales to assist these women either financially or by providing the necessary training and consultancy. By buying a pack of Weg, will you not only get a gourmet coffee but you will be able to make a pot coffee sales women smile a little brighter. Sip our story